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Turnback Bulkhead (4' High, 102" Wide, 10" Return)

Turnback Bulkhead (4' High, 102

•Our Bulkheads are manufactured to the highest quality level, using only high-strength and light-weight aluminum alloys. Turnback Bulkheads are DOT-rated and available for 102" trailers.
•Size: 4' High, 102" Wide, 10" Return
•Shipping: All Bulkheads are custom made in USA and are generally shipped within 1-2 business days of your order if they are in stock. Otherwise, they take up to 4 weeks to ship out.. If you plan to drive down to our facility, we highly recommend you call ahead and confirm availability prior to driving down for pickup or placing an order. Because of their weight and dimensions all our Bulkheads have to be shipped via a freight carrier.
•Custom Sizes: Please ask for custom sizes (Heights: 4 feet or 5 Feet, Width: 96" or 102", Return: 10" or 22")